Reza Arefi

Director, Spectrum Strategy

Spectrum Working Group Vice Chair

Reza Arefi leads Emerging Spectrum Strategies and Planning at Intel. In his role, he develops market-driven spectrum and regulatory strategies that support Intel’s existing and future products. Reza has been actively contributing to standards,industry and international spectrum regulationssince 1998, often in leadership roles. These included chairing various activities in IEEE LMSC (802), chairing Regulatory Working Group of WiGig Alliance, ITU-R SG1(spectrum management), SG3(propagation), and SG5(terrestrial services). Reza’sITU-Rleadership roleshave led to development of several ITU-R Reports and Recommendations, latest of which is the now widely-used Recommendation ITU-R M.2101 on modeling of 4G/5G systems for use in spectrum sharing studies. He currently chairs the Joint Working Group 3K-3M on Clutter Loss in ITU-R SG3. In addition, he has served as Intel Corporation’s delegate to various ITU-R activities including WRC-12, WRC-15 and WRC-19andis a member of the US FCC’s WRC Advisory Committee-23.Reza has also been actively involved in many industry forums over the years. Currently, heis an Executive Board member andVice President of Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA)and a member of GSA’s Spectrum Group Management Team. He is also a vice chair of ATIS Next G Alliance’s Spectrum Working Group, focused on defining 6G spectrum priorities for North America.Withmore than 25years of experience in his field,Rezahas made significantcontributions to the development of 5G and other wirelessstandards and technologies. He holds several patents in the areas of mm-wave technologies and spectrum sharing–advancements that have proven to be critical to the realization of 5G. Heis a Senior Member of IEEE and has been an IEEE-SA member for fifteenyears. Heholds an EE bachelor’s degree from Sharif University of Technology and a master’s degree from West Virginia University.Rezais presently focused on identifying optimal spectral vehicles and necessaryregulatory developments to enable the next generation mobile use cases, including innovative consumer, enterprise and industrial solutions.